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Tonight One Born Every Minute made me sad :(

I absolutely love this programme, I watched it religiously last year and have been doing the same this series so far but tonights episode made me really upset and it shocked me a bit how much it got to me.

The birth I'd planned and hoped for was exactly like Lydia's (the girl who had the water birth). I'd wanted it to be so natural and peaceful and perfect and, well, easy! But mine was about the furthest from that you could get. My labour didn't progress, I was given the drip to bring on contractions, given an epidural which worked for a couple of hours then came out, and finally rushed in for an emergency c section - from start to finish 67 hours! Lol!

I guess it just upsets me that mine didnt go how I'd dreamt it would.

I also swore after that, that I'd opt for an elective c section next time as I didn't want to risk going through the same again but seeing that has now made me question whether I really want that or whether I might like to try for a natural birth again. I thought I had it all worked out in my head but that programme has really got to me!

Sorry, bit of a pointless post but just wanted to vent!


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Aww I'm sorry to hear you had a painful birth. On the bright side you are still here and so is your beautiful baby so there is something to be thankful for even if it wasn't picture perfect.

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Snap! I had a home water birth planned bought a birth pool did hypnobirthing with my partner etc. Ended up with a section and was devastated. I'm having a vbac this time xxx

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You guys sounds like you're blaming yourselves for not having the ideal picture perfect birth!

I know all the medical intervention isn't what we wish for, but you guys should be proud that you were brave enough to put yourselves through such long hours of trauma to make sure your baby was a safe as possible.

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i couldnt watch it tbh, i knew id end up depressed, broody and in tears so just havent watched it

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I never really thought about A water birth but after seeing hers i now a considering it. she did really well. and there wasnt a whole bunch of people looking 'down there' at her like the others!! she did well tho her sister was funny.

what did annoy me tho was that in all the births except that water one i didnt see skin to skin contact after birh. its meant to really help bonding and causes feel good chemicals in mum and baby. i eveb noticed a big red sign above the door saying to do it but i didnt see them if they did!!

i night request it... hmm... it does make u think what u would like to happen at the birth

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i thought that dident come out till February 1st?

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i love this show so much , and i can also say my birth to my son louis didnt go anything like my plan , it was 43 hours , torn to pieces , forceps the lot
, i then feared my second child would be like that , but it was fantastic , quick easy , no pain relieve but i felt every push and was in controll . i hope my 3rd child will be just the same , but no birth is xx

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