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anyone have children less than 3 years apart??

I am so confused on what to do.. my baby is 14months old and I LOOOOVE the interaction between him and his older brother (5 years old) and really want to have more kids but scared of an age difference less than 3 years.
my kids are 4 years apart so by the time LO came DS#1 was potty trained and somewhat independent. I heard all the stories about how hard it is having 3 and how much different it is and harder so I am worried that if I add one more before LO is 3 it will be so much the same time I soooooooo want to get pregnant and have another baby
I guess I just want to hear different opinions and experiences to help me make a decision. did you have to potty train while pregnant or after having baby and how hard was it? what about just the fact of having three is it really that much harder than having 2??
Thanks ladies

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I don't have children, but my sister had her daughter and son 18 months apart. It wasn't really that crazy. She figured, if you're changing one set of diapers, what difference is two?
Actually I think seeing his older sister using the potty and potty training was an inspiration to my nephew.

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