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DH has recently agreed to WTT for #2!

Hello, I am new to this section.

So I am WTT in January 2013. I hope I am not the person waitng the longest in here, is it too soon to join?

I have a son who is just over 8 month old now and my husband was unsure if he wanted one or two children and I wanted two but he has just agreed to a second. I went back to University to do a degree as a mature student when my son was 4 month old and it is really hard work so I am waiting until I done to have our second. We will be trying in early 2013 so if we get pregnant right away I will be 4-5 months pregnant when I graduate.

I started using this site when I came back from my 12 week scan for my son but stopped using the site because some sections were getting nasty. However I remember how sportive some sections were so I am back to join the WTT club now! I am hoping you can all help me while I am excited but impatient while waiting so long.

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i think some women are waiting almost aslong as u so never too soon to join

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