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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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you guys are so young, this is why i waited to have kids with my now husband, we were both 20 when we met, we made a pack that if we were still together by the time we were 28 we would get married.
at 27 he proposed and we got married right before i turned 29, as for kids we said we would wait until we were 30, well we are wtt but things are happened as we planned years ago..

take your time, trust me people change, if you can learn to accept each others differences things will work out, because i know for a fact you need to be prepared for another change again in the next 3 to 4 years..

its a common thing for people in a relationship to change every couple of years.. I know he and I arent the same people we were when we first met.

even our looks, we both look completely different then back in the day.

if things were meant to be, life will take its course, but i highly recommend you not asking for peoples opinion on wheither you stay or leave a relationship, its all about what you made of yourselves.

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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I think all the girls have gievn you great advice here, none of us can tell you what to do and Im sure your head is all over the place.

I cant say whether I'd stay or go, but I do think I'd talk to him about it. Not to freak him out or anything, but just to let him know where you're heads at. That you dont want children now but you do want them in the future and you do want to get married in the future and see what he says.

You both are still young but you are both old enough to know what you do want and if you have been together for four years then you obviously do love each other dearly.

Could you see yourself not getting married but having children? A lot of people dont want to get married but are still committed to their partner and have children.

Sorry if this doesnt make sense!!

I hope you get the answers you desire pet and keep the chin up


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