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What makes you feel your most and least broody?

I was just wondering what makes you feel your most and least broody? I know all of us here are broody but I am sure most of us have ups and downs as to how much so I was just wondering what they were?

Here is mine...

MOST: Looking at my son and thinking how much I want another perfect little man/lady. Taking out my son's early baby booties (he was not early, just small) and thinking how cute they are and how much I want a second. Changing needs and size of my son making me think what things of his I want to save and not save for number two. thinking how long I have to wait and not wanting to.

LEAST: Remembering how tough my pregnancy was and that I had 2 MMC before that so I think of the stress of trying again and what how I would handle another tough pregnancy if it happened again with a toddler. My son teething and feeling so bad for him and getting no sleep and wondering how I will cope doing it again but with a toddler too.

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Pretty much the same things you said really:

MOST - packing away Summer's newborn clothes and her coming home outfit, packing away her gorgeous moses basket. Seeing my brother in laws wife with her 8 and a half month baby bump! the thought of giving Summer a permanent playmate.

LEAST - Summer teething and having sleepless nights. Feeling exhausted and wondering how on earth I could do it with a newborn too! Feeling bad about taking my full attention away from Summer.


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Most: seeing little baby clothes! Seeing other peoples babies and bumps!!

Least: tantrums from the 2 yr old I look after!!

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What makes me most broody: Thinking about my current health dilemna that is preventing/pushing back TTC; reading my sister's pregnancy blog; walking by strollers and baby items in the store.

Least Broody: Playing with my neice and nephew ( I just get pure enjoyment out of that); sleeping in on Saturday mornings, new shoes? (they cheer me up from everything).

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Most: seeing little baby clothes, even buggys/prams. Seeing pictures/scans and women with bumps, imagining what my OH holding our LO would look like

Least: morning sickness, labour scares me, teething terrible twos and if the LO was ill i imagine its a worrying time

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MOST: seeing a pregnant woman. I seriously get this aching feeling and I end up hating whoever it is that's pregnant because I'm so envious. Also anytime I go through Emma's old clothes or look through her newborn pictures.

LEAST: When Emma has a massive tantrum. When we want to go do something for the day and have to pack twice the amount of stuff when before we could just hop in the car and drive. I realize it'll be harder and harder when we add more kids to the mix.

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most broody = seeing women pregnany , cuddling my children and them telling me they love me makes me think , aww i like being needed , baby clothes , defo defo watching one born every minute , i watch it and just smile though it all , love it ,

least broody = thinking of my health concerns , thinking of how long its gonna take to get pregnant , ( 2 years ) with my last pregnancy , worrying about mc as alreadt had one in past , and i know im high risk any way


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most: seeing pregnant ppl and their bumps, talking with my OH about it, see the little kid section in any store, thinking about being a mom/OH being a dad, picturing me being pregnant and my OH playing with my tummy, thinking about us having an LO, babysitting my nephew

least: thinking about financial situation, and alone time(hard to think of anything when i'm cuddling with OH)

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Most: Seeing pregnant woman, people with babies, baby sections in shops, dreaming and day dreaming about being a mummy and my OH being with our baby, seeing my neice & nephews, and pretty much anything baby related

Least: The thought of morning sickness and the thought of MC and it taking a long time (but these I guess are just fears not actually putting me off broodiness at all)

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Most: seeing babies, clothes, prams etc. Seeing pregnant women.

Least: the idea of bleeding for ages after birth and tantrums.

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