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another baby or not???

So do I have another baby???? Im totally yearning to have another and even get quite down at the thoughts of not but heres the facts, 13 years ago my first son was stillborn due to pre eclampsia, I went on to have a healthy daughter who is now 12 and said wouldnt put myself through the worry again but then last year I decided to try again and had a fairly straightforward pregnancy which resulted in my beautiful boy Kai who was 1 last friday.

Now we have debts which we stupidly ran up when we were younger but we have a debt management plan to try and get out the situation but we both work hubby days and me nights. Money is tight but it always is no matter what. I would love another but am I being selfish bringing another baby into the home and should I just be grateful for my 2 perfect earth babys and my angel??? Also im 35 in augs and hubby will be 43 so time isnt on our side?? Loved being a mum this time more than ever but would love any opinions and promise I wont take offence whatever your views sarah xx

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sorry to hear that.........i dont think anyone can make that choice but u and ur OH....what does he think about it? If it was me then i probably would have another, ive always wanted abig family. If u are yearning for another, its like ur missing something, and another child might make ur family seem "complete" If u can afford another (even if its tight) and there is no health reasons why u shouldnt then why not? i hope that helps at all lol x good luck

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Hi Sarah

I suppose theres loads of arguements on both sides here but noone can really make the decision for you! Have you spoken to your OH?

One thing I will say is that I dont think it matters how much money you have, you'll always think you could do with more and you always live by your means, so if you have another mouth to feed im sure you will cope.

Money isnt everything, I think the important thing is that your baby is loved which im more than sure you and your OH would do.

This wasnt meant to persuade you one way or the other, just to let you know Im sure you'll be fine whatever you decide!

Good luck


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If you want a baby i'd say go for it! I've had a similar conversation with my best friend today, DH and i are undecided whether to ttc now or wait a few years as i'd like to go to uni to do nursing! DH works and i'm a stay at home mum and money is tight but the kids go without nothing and we live in a beautiful house which we work hard for!
Last Sep my best friend lost her little boy due to prem labour and then today friends of ours buried their 3 month old daughter who died suddenly.
We are a healthy couple with a lot of love to give and we can survive on what ever money we have, we want to add to our family and i think everything that has happened in the last 6 months has made us realise life's too short, if there's somthing you want grab it with both hands before its too late!
I think my mind is made up and we will not try not prevent for a while then in a couple of years i'll go back to uni. I'm 25 and did panic i would be too old but i have been reasured by nursing friends that it is perfectly acceptable to train in your 30's!
Go with your gut instinct hun, good luck xx

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We have recently decided that we are going to try for another but it too took a lot of thinking about, I think if you want a baby you must go for it - lke the other person said life is too short and the way I think of it is you will never regret having another child, but in the future you might regret not having one.

This is a decision that only you and your OH can make but as others have said, you will always manage. x

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Until today I had been trying to subdue my feelings but then it was hubby who actually said he thought we should have another!!! I suppose my other worry is im sure my mum and dad will frown at it if we do as they know the money situation and I really dont want my mum to worry any more than she already does. Just agree that we wouldnt regret having another but may regret if we dont! Heads as clear as mud at the moment but thanks girls xx

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