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I don't know if any time will ever be perfect.

I would love to own a house and have tons of money, but I'm not ready to wait for our lives to be "perfectly" set up. We aren't getting any younger, and I think if we don't start soon, we'll push it off for far too long.

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I think about this all the time! its one of the reasons why im not trying at the moment. Im the main "bread winner" in my house right now as my husband is still at university doing his masters.

I would love a baby..and feel ready..emotionally..but its the money! how will we manage on a student loan>?

but i just know there will never be a PERFECT time so....i have days when i think..go for it! and others where im just panicked

Puzzled xxxxxxxx

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I agree with cupcake, I don't ever think there's a right time but I do think you can make sure the timing suits you better.

My husband and I knew we wanted to be married first and own our own home, which we did. We wanted to have a few big blow out holidays, which we did. We also wanted to have a minimum of 10,000 saved (we didn't use that for baby stuff but we like to know it's there just in case). Also we wanted to make sure we could easily afford for me to return to work part time to help with childcare. I'm due to return to my job 3 days a week in April having taken a year off.

This time, before we try for #2 the only thing we needed to be certain of is that we can afford for me not to return to work at all and instead be a stay at home mum. That's now possible so we're just waiting til Summer is a little older.

Having said all that, many friends of mine weren't in quite such a fortunate position regarding owning a house and being able to afford to work part time but they're doing great. Somehow, no matter what you just find a way of making it work.

I do think if everyone waited until the 'right' time, enough money etc then nobody would ever have kids!


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I personally don't think there is really a perfect time as I think there will always be something you could say its best to wait for but then when you look back in hindsight its easy to see that it was the right decision. I'd say if you want it in your heart and will be able to manage then go for it. You will make it work. Good luck with it whenever you decide is best

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Originally Posted by goingforit View Post
Originally Posted by odd_socks View Post
my OH always worries about that kind of stuff, i dont want to put off TTC much longer for health reasons but i think if we personally was to wait untill we had lots of money it would never happen for us...not that my OH believes that lol
Thank you - I think I worry more than my husband about the money issue but as you say - will we ever have it?

aslong as u have enough to fed and cloth a LO thats all that matters, love is worth soooo much more good luck with whatever u decide x

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My hubby is the same as odd_socks, he is such a worrier and not having a pile of savings under us (we have some but not as much as we had before we bought our house) makes him feel like we wont cope. I have to say I disagree and think the same as cupcake11, if you can afford your current lifestyle comfortably and know you will have enough money to cover all the bills plus a little for emergnecies then I think go for it!! I have resigned myself to the fact the hubby wont change his mind and so I will have to wait until he feels financially secure - which will be by the summer.
Good luck if you do decide to try xx

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