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Pregnant (Expecting)
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I ended up having to stop taking my vitamins and I will consult with my doctor about it next week. I was getting nauseous and dizzy before I would even take them (essentially, from the vitamin I had taken the day before) and read those to be mild side effects of an iron overdose! From this point, I'll probably just take a simple children's chewable until the doctor can address the issue and make a suggestion.

The folic is the most important part. You probably get a decent amount of anything else with a proper diet.

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well im not really confused so to speak but im not gonna say that i know it all either. I'm taking a multivitamin and fishoil everyday and it seems to be helping. I have loads more energy and my heart doesnt feel like its pounding out of my chest.

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lil' mole
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Thank you for all your thoughts! I've started taking sanatogen mother to be, vege omega 3 and an extra folic acid. As far as I can tell that should cover all the basics and they are all safe in pregnancy.
Now I just have to wait till I can go get pregnant

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i recently saw some santogen vitamins which were for couples. one set for men and one set for women, so i might get those

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