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Scared and dont know what to

Im 17 years old. I found out that there was a chance i could be pregnantwhen i went to the doctor 2 weeks ago. I told him that thursday. But i also found out that he cheated on me that past saturday with 2 of his exs. I told him that there was a chance i was pregnant but he did cheat on me so we broke up. And he has been so excited about it. he said he will be by my side 110%. And now he wants me back because he said those girls meant nothing to him and it took him loosing me to realize what he had. so we are back together and have been talking about what we are going to do if i am. And he has been getting so into it. He is always the one to bring up the topic and he said he is not running from this because this is the best feeling in the world to him. The fact that he might become a daddy excites him. And we both hope i am. But if im not...he said he wants to actually try and have a baby...right now. And I dont know what to do. I want to but at the same time i have college to think about. But thats not exactly what im worried about. Its my mom. My older sister got pregnant at 17 as well and it took my mom 3 years to forgive her. My mom is all i have left. And she wants to move to texas and wants me to go with her. But if she found out i was pregnant...i dont think she would accept it. I think she will move to texas anyways and just leave me...i dont know what to do. I mean i want to tell her because i dont have any secrets from her...but im just so scared. I cant lose her too.

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hmm tough one, not sure what advice to give u, firstly i guess u have to decide whether u want to keep the baby or not. I think if u decide u want to go through with it u will have to talk to ur mum, tell her ur scared of losing her and although it wasnt planned ur happy about it and want her to be happy to and be part of it. Thats all i can suggest, i hope it helps and good luck whatever u decide

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I totally agree with odd socks - you have to decide if you really want a baby right now. Once you have made that decision then hopefully whatever you decide you can be open with your mum and work through it together. Good luck with whatever you decide. x

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you really need to find out for definate if you are x

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I agree, it's useless to worry until you actually know if you are or not. But, I know I've worried myself silly over this very thing with myself a long time ago, so I know how you feel.

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Maybe I'm over stepping the mark but do you think your boyfriend would have wanted you back if he didn't think you were pregnant? Or do you think he'd be ok if you weren't an didn't want to try? Sorry these are personal questions but you need to answer these questions before you can think of bringing a baby into the equation. Because you'll need to depend on each other 200% if you have a baby an if you think he's only there for the baby and not you, you might need to think long and hard!

Sorry if this offends, just trying to help x

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Although I don't really know what to say. There is another section of the forum that may help support you, help you and understand how you are feeling.

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I agree with many of the points above. You have to find out if you are pregnant, this may help eleviate some stress. Have you taken a test? did the Dr. do a blood test?

You really have to consider if you are ready for a baby at this point in your life.

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I agree with Wish and Want. It sounds like he is using you to get a baby or some other hidden agenda...and the saying is once a cheater always a cheater. Make sure you watch your back.

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