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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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WTT#3-Coming off Seasonique and got a period,is it the real period?

Just stopped taking Seasonique a week ago. got a period today but I'm wondering if its the "real period" or the one that you get when you stop the pill. I'm so anxious to TTC,I just wish I knew. Thanks

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i would say it is a real one but not. lol
i dont know as i never took this pill but when i came off cerezette i had a bleed and then 28 days later (no zombies. lol) i had my first period.
i did class the bleed as a first period though as there was a good cycles worth of days.
i am sure your sysles have got longer since having babies as mine have so it may obviously be different for you xxx

hope this helps xxx

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the bleeding after stopping the combined pill is known as the withdrawal bleed so not a normal period.

you may or may not ovulate in the weeks after this bleeding ; it depends if your ovaries have kicked back into action.

Doctors usually suggest waiting for your next proper period to start before TTC as you then accurately date ovulation and if you are lucky your due date

lots of luck and

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Even if it is a withdrawl bleeding there is a chance you might ovulate after it, I would say go ahead and TTC!
I'm going to TTC right after coming off my BCP.

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when i was ttc i would count my first day of the withdrawl bleed as day 1 of my cycle and i used to always ovulate about 16 days after that (i went on and off the pill a few times before deciding that i was ready to try so i experienced this a few times)

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