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I think the best advice for this is what I got told a while a go, if you wait for the right time to have a baby it will never happen but thats because ideally things could always be better and the only thing that can prepare you is actually doing it, everything in life is a big step especially when its your first

everyone feels the same at that point, I was so terrified of what if I'm terrible parent, what if I can't cope, what about money, but you manage, its one of the best things that will happen in your life,

remember you're not 'suddenly' a parent, you become one, its a learning process that changes a lot along the way, for me the biggest panic was I didn't feel like any of it was happening, I just couldn't believe I was going to be a mum until lo was born, in the big scheme of things pregnancy and the baby days go so quickly and all the problems you had are forgotten and you only remember the good days and forget how tiny they used to be

sorry for going into a long rant but just trying to offer some reassurance because although although we were ttc for 5 cycles and wtt for a year before that it hit me like a truck load of bricks, feel free to pm anytime if you have any questions

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honestly, you can never be "prepared", not fully. It's hard work , but adjusting generally doesn't take long, and the friends who talk about how hard it it, etc .. well, thats what new moms do. They dont have attention of a belly anymore, so they want the world to feel for them... i did it, so im not judging, just being real You'll do fine, and you know what, if you change your mind between now and september, so what? Better to figure it out before you actually get that bfp

Good luck and hugs hun!

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You have described exactly how i feel!! Over christmas & New Year all i could think about is having a baby, & everytime i thought about it id get excited & get butterflies in my stomach. I mentioned it to my partner & he said we'l TTC after we get married summer next year, which does excite me but it also scares me!
I have a massive phobia of the late stages of pregnancy with the big bump & also childbirth, i get really anxious & worked up & then i convince myself that i just wouldnt be able to cope.
I hope i feel a little calmer about it by summer 2012 but to be honest iv felt like this for years, but i no i dont wanna get to 45 when its too late to have a baby because i know 100% that id regret it. Yes it will be hard work im sure & im not good without sleep believe me lol & i really dread the childbirth , but whats the alternative getting too old & living with such a huge regret.... This is the only thought that spurs me on, hope it helps you too hun
Good Luck

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I felt like that each time we TTC and even stated to at the end of pregnancy. I now feel like it now we are WTT for number 2, I have no idea how people cope with more than 1 but everyone says you just do. So I do think it is normal to feel like that from time to time and like someone else said there is never the perfect time, just a better time.

I am not going to lie it is a LOT of hard work but it is worth it and you just cope with it. I had a rough pregnancy and a son who is always on the go, still sleeps really badly and I am back in full time education (and am going to have to go without sleep the next 2 nights just to keep up with work) but you just sort of get on with those things. Seeing your child smile is worth the exhaustion and stress alone, it sounds crazy but I swear it is true.

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Thanks everyone - all your responses have been really helpful and i am feeling a lot more positive (and excited) about things again.

I've decided to be proactive by having a chat to my doctor and getting more knowledgable about the whole process by buying myself a book - hopefully that will help.

Thanks again!

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