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i dont think ive ever asked anyone that question before thinking about it around my area i think people ask it cus 99% of people my age are actually parents, just reminds me that im not

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I've been asked this a few times, but what I find funny is my response! I seem to very outrageously respond with 'Oh no I don't have any kids pah! chuckle' as if it's the most ridiculous question to ask, as if they just asked if I've been to the moon lately!

I dunno why I do that, Think I'm not right in the head. I think I like to pretend I'm still 17 or something and I have loads of time left for TTC and also I hate the fact I must look old enough to have kids lol...I'm such an tool

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Originally Posted by Miss Broody View Post
The when are you gonna have kids question hurts when u wanna turn round and scream if I could right now I would!!! Grr. X
I KNOW!! I especially hate it when we're hanging out with our friends who have kids and they tease me saying "hey, you shouldn't drink that! You're probably knocked up!". I just want to burst into tears saying "NO IM NOT! SHUT UP! You have no idea how much I wish I was!"

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