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I work in health care in the UK
Not many women go for a pre conception check up! Most women's first contact is when they are newly pregnant.

But...... at a pre conception appointment a GP/nurse will probably do...........

height / weight and BMI
blood pressure
advise on healthy diet
ask about periods (and things which may affect your fertility)
ask about your current and past health problems
advise you on how to maximise your chances ie, when to have throughout the cycle
discuss folic acid
check you are up to date with a smear and immunisations (esp rubella)

you will only see a midwife when you are pregnant; they are too stretched to do any pre conception work!


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I didn't have a pre conception appointment either. The first time I saw anyone was my midwife when I was 8 weeks pregnant for the 'booking in' appointment.

Although at a doctors appointment for something entirely unrelated I did just ask how far in advance he recommended I come off the pill whenever we decided to start trying, to which he said when I was ready to try then just come off it and away we go.

All I'd say is start taking a good pre natal vitamin about 3 months before you start trying. I took Sanatogen pre natal ones which contained the recommended daily allowance of folic acid, then once I fell pregnant I switched to Sanatogen mother to be ones.


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I didn't have a pre-conception appointment as such. The last time I went to get my pill he tried to get me to change it (I'm on Dianette for my spots and he doesn't like me being on it long term) and I told him I wanted the same one as this was going to be my last batch as I was hoping TTC in March. He told me to take folic acid and gave me conception advice (stop taking pill then DTD lots!) and he arranged for me to have a blood test to check my immunity to Rubella.

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