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Bipolar pregnancy/breastfeeding??

My husband and I are going to TTC this summer. Does anyone have any experience with bipolar disorder and pregnancy/breastfeeding? I absolutely want to have children and want to try to breastfeed. There is not a whole lot of info I can find online on this subject. I have to coordinate between my psychiatrist and OB/GYN with my meds. I have been stable on my meds since I was about 16 and I am 23 now. I do not have the issue that many bipolar people have which is stopping my meds because I'm feeling better. I know how bad I felt off the meds and don't want to go back to that. Sorry for going on so long, but can anyone give me some advice or tell me about their experiences?

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i have schizoaffective disorder which is a mood disorder (in my case bipolar) and the symptoms of schizophrenia together. I was on meds when i was pregnant with gryphon and the only safe meds you can be on while pregnant are antidepressants. There are a few antipsycotics you can be on. I was on haldol. But i didnt take my antipsycotics while breastfeeding. the doctor told me there were things that it could do to the baby but he didnt go into detail about what even though i asked. I was only put on haldol in my 3rd trimester as it was safest then.

Now i take geodon which has been a godsend.

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Morgenstern I have schizoaffective disorder too. Thanks for the information. I've been a bad girl and have not taken my meds lately. I keep convincing myself there was never anything wrong with me. But as I am typing this, I have not slept even a minute all night, and I am still not tired.

Anyway, my doctor has not been very helpful at all, and I was worried about breastfeeding and pregnancy as well, since I'm worried I might not do so well when I am pregnant, with all the hormones and whatnot.

Did you do well on meds when you were pregnant? Also, were you off meds while pregnant with Gabriel?

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