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wtt :)
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Originally Posted by jennybobenny View Post

The only way I will have a second child after this one will be if I find Mr.Right soon enough and I get pregnant before menopause hits. Mind you, my charts right now are a thing of beauty and my body feels great so who knows... maybe I do have a few years of good eggs left. Only God knows.

But for now, my goal is to be pregnant before (or about) my 39th birthday and give birth before I'm 40. Then I will buy a house for myself within 2 years of that.
not to sound cliche, but your situation reminds me of "the back up plan"
I really hope everything works out for you though

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Would like to start at 22 if my OH lets me and we want 4 kids

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I got pregnant with my first at 19 and had him at 20, we are going to ttc near the end of the year so will be 21 and i want about an 18 month - 2 year age gap. Then i will wait until my first is nearly at school to have the last one so i will be 25 when i have my last, that is if we have 3 depends how i feel at the time.

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I was 21 when I was pregnant the first time around and just 22 when I gave birth. We'll be TTC our 2nd when I'm about 24/25.

I'd like 3 children with a 3/4 year age gap .. I'm currently on a 2WW so that might change

OH would like 4 children! I told him I'd see how I felt at the time .. I'd probably say yes if he asked. I could never say no to a baby!!

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I'm 19 just now and will be TTC around 22ish. Ideally I'd like 3, with about two years between each.

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Im 28 wtt #3 in oct ish time

was 23 with #1 and 24 #2!!

my 2 dd's have 13month gap!!!

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I'm 25, was 24 when we concieved number 1.
Would like 2/3 with about 18months inbetween each.

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We started to ttc #1 just before my 34th birthday but I didn't get pregnant until 5 cycles later, so at 34 and had her a month after I turned 35. I'd like another baby but my dh doesn't so I'm not sure if/when we'll be ttc again. I'm hoping he changes his mind before I turn 40 because I don't want to be older than that when pregnant!

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DH and I conceived when I was 29 and had Wesley when I was 29 (I turned 30 a month later) We are shooting to TTC#2 about the end of July while I'm still 30 so will hopefully be 31 having #2. We want to have our kiddies close in age (18 mos to 2yrs) apart. DH and I both agree we only want 2 little ones


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I was 36 with Number 1, 37 with with number 2 there is a 12 month 2 week gap between them. Both times I fell pregnant the first try we are ttc number 3 and I am 38. Will be 39 in May so depending on when i get pregnant I will be 39 or 40 with number 3.

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