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Old Feb 5th, 2011, 17:24 PM   11
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wow that is big news sounds like you have really considered it fully & are making good plans & foundations for starting a family...... not all babes are so well considered!! good for you!! xxx

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Old Feb 5th, 2011, 18:50 PM   12
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Wow and massive congratulations!!!

I think what you're planning to do is truly amazing and I really admire you for it.

All a child needs in life is plenty of love and protection and you certainly seem like you're able to offer all of that and much more. With a mum so dedicated to providing the very best for her baby and putting so much thought into everything I'm sure he/she will be one of the luckiest babies!

Loads of good luck on your very exciting journey!


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I am becoming a Single Mom by Choice this year too. Meeting with the Fertility Specialist May 9 to talk about my IUI via Donor Sperm journey. I hope to be pregnant by or in the fall.

Your donor sounds great - totally my type. I'm looking for the same kind of ethnic background (my family is welsh, english, austrian, and norwegian - and I've got a thing for Scotts!) and I want height as well. I myself have green eyes, so it would be great to see if I can find a donor that will give my baby green eyes too (there's a genetic eye colour calculator online somewhere that I will definitely use when the time comes). BUT most importantly, I'm looking for the health factors. My dad died of colon cancer, so I check for the C word in all the family profiles. And my dad's mom had alzheimer's so I check for that too. It's a bit of a plus in our situation... you can't help who you fall in love with and have babies with, but when you "shop online" you can be a little more picky with things like this!

If you ever want to talk, I'm around. All the best!! xo

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Old Feb 7th, 2011, 10:05 AM   14
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good luck medicmama!! i am in a similar situation, except i plan on using a known donor, hopefully, by my 25th bday in aug!! you seem to have it all planned out! i am getting a new car, moving to the beach & starting a savings also! luckily i started charting my cycles back in summer 09 and with my dr, discovered i wasnt ovulating right because of my weight, since then I have lost more than 80 pounds (from obese to overweight!) and have about 30 more to be in normal range! as soon as all of those are in order, im calling up my donor! I cant wait to see where we are this summer!!

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Good luck with everything! Xxxx

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Good luck

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