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Originally Posted by katiejaneox View Post
Hi Ladies,
Thanks for your replys! Hopefully someone will reply with some help soon lol.
I cant wait to get myself sorted out to have a baby god it will be the most magical experience ever!
How have your family's reacted to you ttc/or pregnant?

Katie x
Well it seems like there are plenty of girls here that can help you. I hope you're able to regulate your periods and lose whatever weight you want.

As for our families reaction when we announced we were pregnant, to say they were over the moon would be a huge understatement! We'd been married a while and I think they thought we'd get around to it a lot faster than we did. We were always getting the 'when are you gonna make us grandparents' questions! We haven't told anyone when we plan on ttc number 2 as we don't want to added pressure and we aren't sure if they'd judge us for trying so soon after Summer! I'm sure once we are pregnant again they'll love it though!




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