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Vanilla Spice
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I wish...

...everyone would just stop asking or assuming things!!

I really don't want to tell anyone that we are planning to start trying at the end of the year and even though I understand why everyone is thinking that we probably will be soon...I just don't need the pressure! It seems like every 5 minute someone is asking us whether we are trying for a baby, when are we going to have a baby or are you pregnant yet?????

I'm excited about starting to try in a few months but I'm just getting so bored of saying the same thing to everyone I meet.

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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I did before I had my son and at first I did not know what to say but then I answered honestly and said I had had 2 MMC's which stopped people getting at me. Now everyone asks when we are having our second. If you do not want to say you are making plans to try then I am not sure what to suggest, sorry.

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This annoys me too. I've started answering these questions by saying i'm enjoying having my husband to myself for now and when/if we get pregnant in the future then we'll be sure to let them know when we feel like telling.

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i want it all
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I found at family dos or when someone had had a baby I was always asked, which I found annoying, as I really didn't want to discuss my sex life with my cousins, aunts etc, so we told everyone we were waiting as we had things we wanted to do 1st. So when I was pregnant loads of people thought it was an accident as it wasn't part of our '5 yr plan'! Now LO is over 1 we're getting bothered again! We have just bought a new house, and I've only just returned to work, and I keep saying LO is still only a baby and I'm enjoying her, but they just smile at me as if to say 'we know'! Grr! MIL has hinted so many times about wanting a new grandbaby (yak), but we're not quite ready outselves yet! I have no intention of discussing it with anyone! Also last time we told everyone at 5 weeks, and this time I'm gonna keep it a secret until I have to tell people! Probably when I start showing about 15-16 weeks!

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Mum (Mom)
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just tell them thats for me to know and for you to think about, or you could turn it around and ask them the same thing

I'm experiencing the opposite! everyone is talking to me like having another baby in the near future would be terrible "make sure you're using protection, I'm sure you don't want any accidents" or my favourite, "lucky that you have Rowan, now you don't have to try for another 4/5 years, are you taking anything yet" we've no intention of telling anyone we're wtt or when we ttc and won't be telling anyone when we get a bfp, only family as we have to

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