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it took us 3 months ... I'm not sure what the average is though

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Hiya hun,

I fell pregnant first cycle aged 27. As others have said I dont think there's a real average amount of time it takes as everyone is so different.

I would suggest having sex every other day to make sure you're bound to do it over your fertile days. It means you don't have to have the added stress of charting and temping and you can just go with the flow and enjoy it. You're likely to be more relaxed that way which in turn will give you the best chance to fall pregnant. That's all my husband and i did and it worked first time for us.

Good luck!


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Miss Broody
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Thank you all for your replies!!!! I think we are just going to have to see what happens!!! Rather selfishly nothing is more important to me than a baby, and I will have waited more than long enough to TTC so will just keep my plans the same and see what happens.

Unfortunately we have no control over what month we finally become pregnant!

Thank you for sharing your experiences! X

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