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Best ovulation strips ?? - cheapies okay?

Hi guys

We are back from NTNP to WTT .. waiting to see ENDO again in April, we got to be careful to then so will be avoiding fertile times. So trying to check ovulation times a bit better..normally we just enjoy all the time.LOL

Looking n amazon at the cheap ovulation strips - that plus charting together is what we are thinking for the next two months.

Anyone use the amazon strips??

Thanks in advance guys

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I use the internet cheapies (not from amazon but from another site). They seemed to work okay for me last month (first month using them) and predicted my O day quite well. I had 2 days of very strong lines and a couple days before and one after of lighter lines. It was easy for me to predict. When my time comes for the REAL TTC months, I will probably use a combination of the cheapies and the more expensive ones that show the smiley face.

Good luck!

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