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i want it all
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The Diet!

I've decided I am going to do somethign about my weight while I am WTT, as hopefully this will occupy my time a little for a while until we try! When I fell pg with dd I was very much over weight and my BMI was about 40. I'm now 2 stone less, but have decided I want to lose another 50lb! 3 & a half stone! 2lb a week should take approx 6 months so hopefully I can do it! Does anyone have any words of wisdom re dieting? I'm thinking about taking a pic of me in my underwear and attaching it to the biscuit tin! Lol!

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hahahaha the buscuit tin idea may work!

Ive always found that when you say no you definately cant have something is when you want it most and cant get it out of your head. so dont rule all bad things out. if you want a piece of cake etc have one but a small one.

I usually only allow myself one bad day a week, so if you want a take away/chocolate etc have it but only once a week. I find exercising helps loads, not running loads or anything maybe go for a walk a few nights a week or start taking stairs instead of lifts to start with and then build it up!!



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I can't help much with any advice as my dieting has gone all wrong and I've ended up putting half a stone on instead somehow!

But I'll be checking this thread for any good tips, for starters I think I might try the photo in my underwear thing - I'll just have to make sure the biscuit tin is hidden so nobody else gets to see it!

Good luck though, I definitley think having a goal or something to work towards really helps take your mind off wtt!


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Miss Broody
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Hiya!! A few of us ladies WTT are on a diet, there is a thread on the diet forum.

Anyway so I started on 2 jan and lost 12lb the first four weeks, eating 1500 calories a day, and exercising!!

Good luck with the weight loss!! X

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i only managed to loose weight through Weight Watchers. I dont want to sound like an advocat but it really helped me, last year i managed to loose 2 stone.

If you are doing it without support then it is really hard because there will be times when you are hungry and have no where to turn to.

Make sure you stock up on very low calorie (and fat) snacks because it is good to have a little something throughout the day. For me i found healthy yogurts good for the afternoon and a curly wurly to satisfy chocolate cravings. I gave up alcohol completely because it is easier and i also gave up cheese.
Try and weigh everything you eat and write absolutely everything down... otherwise you tend to over eat without realising.

Good luck and dont give up if you had the odd bad day or weekend

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Hi, firstly just wanted to say I've only just joined recently and this is my first post!

Just had to add a note on here, I'm (impatiently) WTT but for good reason, as much as both me and hubby want a baby immediately we both know I need to lose weight first for both my health and our baby's. According to the BMI scale I should lose approx 10 stone to get to my perfect weight but i know this is unrealistic for me, I've always been chubby or overweight right from the day I was born and I haven't got a petit frame even though I'm 5ft 3.5. The aim is just lose as much as i can heathily over coming year and we'll re-assess soon, I know I could try now and everything be fine but even if I don't get down to an ideal weight, surely any weight lost is a benefit so I guess we'll just see how long we can stay patient!

Every time I reach for the biscuit tin I look at what I'm going to eat and think, "do I really want this more than a baby?" My problem is I never want to miss out (like with people in our office bringing in cakes!) but at the end of the day I've tried the cake before, I know I like it and I know I can have it again if I really want to, but do I really need it now enough to stop me losing weight to make my body healthy and to have a family....that's always enough to stop me (whilst typing this I just resisted a Terry's Chocolate Orange that got passed round the office, wahoo!)

It's what motivates me to go to the gym too, when I'm running and want to give up, I just remind myself that I'm running for my future baby and I won't get to meet them until I've run enough to lose some tummy!

Love Mrs K

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