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new job

hi girls

So ive started to apply for a new in the process of writing my personal statement which is a total pain. Im full of the cold, head feels like mush and so confused.
Im a nurse and currently hate my job, but me and DH were hoping to start TTC in may..well end of. but if i get any place with this job it will have to be postponed a year.

To be honest ive been freaking out recently, i think im just so concentrated on having this gorgeous baby i forgot that it will get older, become a toddler, teenager and am i really ready anyway?? awk when did life get so complicated?

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Good luck with the job hunting! Just think, you'll feel a whole lot better about wtt if you get the right job and things start looking up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! X

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^^ would say the same.......i hope it works out and you find another job x

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