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Not sure where to post this..

As didnt want to post in the general bit, then then it kinds belongs in here...I dunno.

Anyway, I have been thinking that I may like to have a sibling for Emma, BUT, I dunno if it was her birth or now that I know all the risks/what ifs etc that I was ignorant to before but I think that it is now fear that is putting me off.
I was very blaze about being pregnant with Emma, and the birth. It only hit me when I was in the labour ward and I freaked out. I think it was the whole ignorance is bliss thing....
And then with the blood loss and being told that the docs told my OH that they were worried about losing Emma AND me (I was NEVER told this by the doctors after, in fact I was told very very little) and so whilst I hate the idea of having a c-section again, the idea of a natural birth scares me even more as what if the same thing goes wrong again......I am convinced my pelvis is too small (my seat bones are closer together than most people and I was in so much pain at 3cm I got an epi, and I have a high pain threshold and she was a 8lb 14oz baby) and so another will get stuck.........

Are there people we can talk to about these things? Councellors? I am so divided inside I don't know what to think as my fear and want seem to be at the same level

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hi, i understand how you feel, i went through this before we had our 2nd as my first birth was a nightmare. Most hospitals have a patient liason service who would happily go over the notes of the birth with you or get a midwife to do that. It might help work out what went wrong exacty and how to avoid it happening again. They may be able to arrange a elective c-section which are much calmer and easier than emergency ones x

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