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We had an accident and now I've got a few questions?!

Ok so last night hubby and I were dtd and afterwards we saw the condomhad split. Now my last period only ended last Wednesday (2nd) so I'm 99.9% certain I couldn't get pregnant from it but it has made me think.

Firstly I'm currently on maternity leave, I return to my previous job at the start of April so not much longer left. I only started this job at the start of January 2010 and I was already 3 and a half months pregnant at the time so I never qualified for their maternity scheme or smp and instead was able to claim maternity allowance. Obviously I've now been with that company over a year (although the majority of my time has been on maternity leave).

My first question is that although we don't plan on ttc until May (once I've been back at work a month), it had us wondering what would happen if I fell pregnant whilst still on maternity leave? Would I be entitled to anything at all? I'm not worried about getting their maternity scheme but I didn't know how it'd work for getting smp or maternity allowance as for me to get maternity allowance I had to show I'd worked for 26 weeks out of the 66 weeks before I wanted my leave to begin, that was fine last time as I'd been working all my life. But if I was pregnant again now for instance I couldn't show ive been working for 26 weeks etc as i haven't so not sure what would happen?

The second thing is once I go back to work and we start trying in May if I manage to fall pregnant quickly again will I be entitled to their own maternity scheme as I'd have been there over a year? The only reason I ask this is because after my next baby I don't plan on returning to my job and so I don't want to take their pay if it would mean I'd have to owe it back to them or return to work or anything. Their pay scheme is really good, it's 6 months full pay then it drops to smp for the remaining 3 months. I just can't see them paying somebody full pay for 6 months when they aren't returning to work?

I don't know if anyone here will be able to help I just thought maybe someone had been in a similar position or wondered the same thing or maybe there's someone who works in HR or something!

Anyway sorry for the essay, and thank you for reading!


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Didn't want to read and run...I'm in the US so i don't have any idea about all that maternity allowance and maternity leave over there . Sorry I'm no help at all!

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didnt want to read and run, errm im not sure TBH, maybe its worth posting this is the benefits and money section? I would have thought u would be entitled to something but im not sure what x

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I'm the same as the other 2, unfortunately I have no idea about how maternity leave/pay works, but I didn't want to read and run! Hope someone is able to answer it for you soon though xx

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im not sure on the details but at my work on of the people there planned to not come back after maternity and i dont think you get it all. i work in the nhs and i think you have to come back for 3 months to keep all your maternity pay.

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it might be worth asking at the job centre where they issue the maternity pay? sorry if thats not much help! x

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Hey hun found this link it may or may not help...
Technically you have been 'employed' for long enough to receive SMP 2nd time round but there's some bit in that link thats says about hours etc.
I also started a job while pregnant!

good luck x

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I know that with enhanced schemes (ie pay over and above SMP) you will probably have to pay the difference back (between that and SMP) or return to work for 3 months (usual time period)

You are right, no employer is going to give a generous mat package and then have the woman leave!

as above, speak to the job centre or CAB about your mat entitlement; at the end of the day, it all depends on what's in your contract


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