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Cycle Question

Hi, I am not sure if any of you will be able to help but I have been charting my cycles and it has come clear that my cycle is 23/24 days and my lutel phase seems to be 11 days!

I have been reading on websites and the norm is 12-17 days and some say anything less is seen as Lutel Phase Defect!!

Does anyone know anything more about this should I be worried and go and speak to my doctor?

Any help would be great



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to be honest I wouldnt worry, everyones body is different and I dont think they can put a rule that fits everyone in. I wouldnt worry about it being 1 day shorter than they say is "the norm" believe me if we all went by their "rules" the doctors would be overrun, I think you'll be fine.

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^^wss but if u are really worried id go to the doctor just for peace of mind x

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