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Just popping in here for a month....

Was ttc but just been offered a new job (eeeek) so popping in the wtt camp for a month before I can ttc again. Just need to try and protect my maternity rights. Hope that doesn't sound selfish, just need to make sure covered on the pennies front and protect my future

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Hello and welcome!! New job= congratulations!! I wish you all the best!! I was just reading a thread (hope she doesn't mind me mentioning it) by MummytoSummer in the wtc posts, and she wanted to know a couple of things about maternity rights but neither of the people who replied knew, any chance you could have a look and see if you could help her? I know hardly anything about the rights women have to maternity leave/pay and by the lack of responses it appears not many others know either! No worries if not, good luck with the job xxx

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congrats on your new job!

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