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Does anybody know much about IVF?

I know this should be posted in the assisted conception area forum, but i didnt want to offend anyone in there as neither my partner nor I are infertile..but i was wondering in general if anyone here knows much about IVF? Ive also decided i belong here now as im broody and waiting to try hopefully next year its something we'll give serious thought

Ive tried to look into it abit but havent really found any clear answers to fit my ive got a few questions for anyone who knows?

1. Do all couples get one free ivf treatment or is it only for those with no children and fertility problems?

2. Do you have to fall into a certain criteria? ie..children over a certain age, do you and your partner have to be a certain age? do they check that you are in the right "place" to be having children?

3. Is there a waiting list?

And 4. I know that ivf sometimes doesnt work for people straight away, but is that because they normally themselfs have trouble falling pregnant? or is it the process in general just isnt very 100% guaranteed?

Thanks..i dont know if anyone will know the answers but if you do thanks
its just alot running through my mind x

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Hiya hun,

I'm not sure what help I will be but didn't want to read and run. I can only tell you the little I know from what Ive been told by my friend that conceived through IVF.

1. From what she explained I think IVF is only offered to couples once all other avenues have been explored and it is deemed not possible for them to conceive naturally. She and her husband were offered one free try on the nhs which sadly failed and then they paid privately for 2 more rounds at nearly 3000 each and conceived on their 3rd attempt with twins.

2. My friend and her husband had been actively (ie. Charting and temping etc) for 2 years when they were referred to a consultant. At age 24 she was told she was considered too young for fertility treatment! They carried on ttc for 2 more years and at age 26 she was diagnosed with pcos and referred to the consultant again. She was first given clomid to try for 1 year. When this failed they were put on the waiting list for IVF. It was almost 3 years to the day from being put on the waiting list to her falling pregnant.

3. There seems to be a waiting list, unless I guess you go private.

4. I think if there are issues around why you can't fall pregnant naturally so that's bound to have an impact on the effectiveness of IVF but when you think of how long it can take a perfectly fertile and healthy couple to conceive it's just one of those things that can take time.

I'm not sure how much help I've been as all my information is second hand. If anyone here has been through it im sure they can correct me if I'm wrong with anything or give you better advice!