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I think other people have covered the way it works really well, but just to add my tuppence ha'penny worth...

You're entitled to a minimum of SMP- this is paid by your employer and they claim back from the government

Your company may also pay contractual maternity pay, which will be defined in the meternity leave policy- ask your employers for a copy. This can be fairly complicated in itself. If your company have contractual maternity pay scheme, you may only be eligible if you have been working with them for a certain length of time (for my company, you need to have been there for one year at your qualifying week, which is 15 weeks before the due date).

Again, whether you have to pay the contractual pay back if you don't return to work is at the discretion of your company- my company state in their policy that in order to qualify, you must return to work for a minimum of 3 months following the end of mat leave. If you don't return, you have to pay all except for the SMP value back!

Temporary workers should be entitled to maternity pay- this will at least be at the level of SMP, if not contractual mat pay- this may depend on the company. Where I work, many people are on temporary contracts due to the nature of the sector's work, but are entitled to the contractual mat pay as long as they fulfill the standard requirements (working there for 1 year at qualifying week)- I don't know if that's something employers have to offer though.

Hope it helps! It really is a fairly complicated area of HR!!

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I work for a supermarket and i am entitled to 6 weeks at 90% of my wages before smp kicks in, i can also take an extra 8 wks at 80% of my salary but i have to go back to work for 12 weeks at the end of my maternity leave if i do take it and don't go back then i would have to pay the 8 weeks at 80% back. I think all employers are different so defitnitely speak to your HR department.

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Thanks anniepie and scottish gem! I cant seem to get a thank button on my phone! Xx

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