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One of the reasons yes.

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Originally Posted by i want it all View Post
Odd socks don't worry about it! I honestly didn;t find it that bad! Mine was an emergency, and I was back driving after 3 weeks. The only time frames I stuck to was ironing and hoovering! Lol! I waited til 12 weeks to do those! Ha ha!I know a couple of people who had elective sections, and they both said there births were lovely! One of my friends had her full face of make up on, her hair was done and everything! Ha ha!

I was told to wait 1 year, but it's gonna abe about 18 months before we start TTC - roll on the summer!

Thank you my mum had to have all 3 of us by c section (problem with her pelvis) they dont think i have that problem but with my back as it is they said its a possibility that i will have to have c sections. Probably scares me as ive never had an operation (yet) xx

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