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Mum (Mom)
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I got a card and that was about it, was a little disappointed it wasn't a Wife card considering it is our 1st Valentines Day since we got married but it was a nice card he said he didn't get me flowers as couldn't warrent 50 on flowers when we are saving which is fair enough but would have been nice

sounds like some of you were very spoilt and you deserve to be too you lucky things

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Mum (Mom)
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I made my hubby a fantastic meal with a delicious dessert (Heart shaped brownies with whipped cream, ice cream, and strawberries). Yum!

I wasn't expecting much because I told him it wasn't necessary, plus my b'day is tomorrow so I didn't want him to splurge too much. I was surprised, I got a box of chocolates, some tulips, a cute little stuffed bee and sexy underwear! Oh yes and a card that he wrote some very wonderful things in.

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