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Do you have any ttc conceive superstitions, jujus, or other such things?

I have a (small) box of baby things that I've collected over the years. I know where it is, but I think it's bad luck to look in the box (even though that's ridiculous). I also have to read all the bad things that can happen during pregnancy or trying to achieve pregnancy, so I can be mentally prepared for them if they happen to me.

Does anybody else have any similar stories?

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im quite obsessed with reading everything to do with pregnancy...even the bad bits, but its for the same reason as you...i just want to be prepared and i really dont want to do anything 'wrong' during pregnancy x

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I am not superstitious at all but I waited until my 12 week scan to buy the first thing (which was just a pack of baby grows) and after my 20 week scan to buy other things but it was just because I had 2 MMC before that so thought it was sensible. Also I found out I was having a boy at the 20 week scan but did not buy many boys items because I had heard so many stories of getting the gender wrong.

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I wish I would've been. I started buying baby things early on and ended up miscarrying so had to go home to a room that had baby stuff stacked in the corner. It was heartbreaking.

So now I definitely refuse to buy baby stuff until I know the baby is okay. So past the 12 week mark at least. And I also don't announce my pregnancy until later now either.

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