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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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we are the same it will be about 4 years before all debt it paid and we own our own home, would of been sooner if i was going to graduate this year, but we have just had a massive earthquake that has damaged my city and my university so it will be a long time before i even get to start studying again i only had 3 months to go which sucks.
if you need to talk hun feel free to pm me

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We were going to wait till we had a house but the issue we have is that we live in London and don't and cant afford to buy here so the plan is to go back to scotland were we can afford to buy a decent house, the other issue is job market, i can easily get a job in scotland but my husband is an architect and there are no decent jobs in scotland so we are stuck here in a one bed flat however we are still going to try as we cant put life on hold till the job market picks up.

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