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Trying to get fit and lower BP b4TTC

Hi! I'm pretty new here!

OH and I had a chat recently about TTC #2. I've always wanted 2 children but neither of us sure about TTC #2. DD has been a difficult small baby and even now not a good sleeper. Also -

I had severe pre eclampsia last time. Luckily all was fine in the end but I had a very scary end to my pg (v high BP, risk of fitting and damage to my body from the BP and kidney function, risk to baby from all of this etc etc). DD was induced and born at 37 weeks, tiny as she was growth restricted (5lb 8) but well.

If I'm to try again, I want to be in peak fitness (this is from someone who's never been fit LOL)! Even pre DD1 my BP was always borderline (bottom number 87-90). I don't think I ate well enough 1st time around - I wasn't sick but just ate pasta and not much else LOL! I'm going to try v hard to take supplements and eat really balanced diet in prep. Have read a lot about high BP and things that might help. I know I can't prevent Pre Eclampsia but I'll do everything I can to improve risk factors!

I've never been much of an exercise so I'm planning to get moving.

I might buy a BP monitor (I will have to have one for peace of mind if/when I get pg) and it might help me get a feel for what it's like at home (not with scary doctors!) and whether my efforts are making a difference.

Then....I guess we'll go for it. I'd love to just go for it now, but I need to know I've done everything I can to ensure my health for my and baby's sake.

Off to read all your W2 TTC stories now! Nice to 'meet' you all!

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Hiya, I'm in sort of the same position as you!
I had Abi in April last year born at 36+5 after emergency c section due to severe pre-e and ultimately foetal distress, and am also worried about next time. I would love to lose about 3 stone before we try again but were gonna start trying again at the end of April so have left it a bit late to start getting fit and healthy but have lost 6 lbs soo far.

Abi was 5lb11oz when born due to growth restriction and is still only 17lbs at nearly 10 months old, she is also a really bad sleeper.

Ive been told that next time will have consultant care and may be given supplements to take during pregnancy.

When are you thinking of trying again?

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Hi SaraAbi. Sorry you had a rough time in your pregnancy too. Don't have a strict plan re when to try. OH isn't a planner, so although I'd always kind of hoped to have another one (whilst feeling terrified of the thought of pregnancy) he wouldn't say either way. He has started to make positive noises about DD not being an only child so I had 'the chat' with him last week and he sort of said, 'whenever.' I don't want to just go for it, as last time was unplanned and I kind of think my lifestyle pre/when I conceived was perhaps not helpful although not the cause (sedentary, stressful job, bad eating habits, regular glasses/half bottles of wine of an evening etc). So I guess I'll see how good I am at being healthier, see how I feel in a month, maybe longer. I don't know!

6 weeks after having DD the hosp did my 6 week check to sort of debrief. They said I'd prob take baby aspirin, be closely monitored and have an extra placental scan (I think 23 weeks) which doesn't predict PE but can show up blood flow probs that could possibly suggest later development of PE.

It'll be hard if/when I do get pg not to feel fear all the time and to stay calm. I'm also just worried I'll end up in hosp on bedrest for ages depriving DD of her mum (I was 'only' in 1 week before and 1 week afterwards but with a daughter already that wouldn't be great). I've done too much reading about PE as well, and knowing the worst case scenarios is not necessarily a good thing!!

So today I had a good breakfast, snack and lunch. Went to pot when I ate a large slice of cake at a party, but I did do my 1st jog following the Couch to 5k plan (not that I'm aiming for 5k, but I'm currently on the 'couch'!).

Well done on losing 6lb - that's great! There's still time to lose a bit more by April!

I haven't heard of supplements specifically for pre eclampsia or prevention of but I looked at blood pressure supplements and vitamins. I decided to buy (haven't yet) fish oil, multi vit, antioxidant, CoEnzyme Q10 and garlic supplement. But try to get the magnesium and calcium through food as supplements look to be potentially bad if you take too high a dose and I'm not under any one's care taking them to know about that. Have heard good things of certain teas specifically for pre eclampsia: nettle, dandelion, alfalfa, red raspberry leaf (but worried in case that is same as raspberry leaf that puts you into labour, so will avoid for now).

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I could be wrong, but I think PE is quite common in 1st babies, and not so common in subsequent pregnancies. I had 'mild' PE with my dd, and was almost induced @ 37 + 4, but made it through until 39 +8!

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Sorry to hear you had a rough time at the end of your pregnancy. But I think it's great that you're taking any measures you can that may help for the future.

Although I had no issues during my pregnancy I haven't managed to shift all my baby weight yet and I'd like to lose a few more pounds by the time we start ttc number 2 in May. I've never dieted or had to watch what I eat before so I have to admit I'm finding it so tough! Now with Easter coming up I'm like come on give me a break! Lol!


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Originally Posted by MummytoSummer View Post
I've never dieted or had to watch what I eat before so I have to admit I'm finding it so tough! Now with Easter coming up I'm like come on give me a break! LolX
Yes I've not dieted much before either except to lose last bit of babyweight (but theres 7lbs yoyoing now!). I have a sweet tooth and no self control!!

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Congratulations to you all for wanting to improve your health.

Rosemarie and I made effort to improve our health over the last couple of years. As a result, our 4 year waiting ended with Mary-Ann being born 15 months ago.

With Rosemarie now being very healthy and Mary-Ann extremely healthy, I did some research. The bottom line of what I found was that healthy moms has healthy babies. It's common sense, I know.

It was shown in countless studies, that by improving your health, you lower all kinds of risk, from pre-enclampsia to miscarriage to prematurity and everything in between.

As a wellness coach, my philosophy of health is based on nutrition and exercise and a healthy mindset. Having a healthy pregnancy isn't a matter of wait-and-see-and-hoping. There are lots of things you can do to improve your own health naturally, and consequently your baby's health.

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