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Rachel T
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Genetic Disorders and Pregnancy


This is my first post on this website and I apologize if I end up doing it wrong. I am getting married in June and my fiancé and I both want to start our family soon after our wedding. The problem is that I have a genetic disorder known as Larsen’s Syndrome. It’s a joint disorder that I do not want to pass along to a child. Once I’m on my fiancé’s insurance will be able to have a blood test that will show if I have the dominate or recessive type. If it’s dominate there is a 50/50 chance of passing it along, whereas with recessive the chance would be microscopic (non-existent as long as my fiancé is not a carrier of the mutated gene). Although I’d like to have the testing now I have to wait and it’s driving me insane. It has such huge implications on how we will put our family together. Has anyone had this issue with a genetic disorder and starting a family? How did you handle it?

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Hi Rachel, didn't want to read and run. Welcome to baby and bump. I'm sure there will be lots of clever women with answers for you. My husband did have a sister that died from a liver problem but we have been too afraid to ask his parents much about it as it's still a very painful subject.
Get the testing done and then at least you will know what you're up against and then you can go from there. I know it's hard to have it hanging over you and I pray that it will all work out.

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