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Stuck in Limbo

Hey my name is Kayla. I've wrote on here a few times now, and i'm just wondering if anyone else has ever felt like they were stuck in limbo. I'm 23 and trying to finish my degree, which is probably the main reason for WTT. My OH is amazing and he's older than me and thinks about babies quite a bit; however sometimes I just feel that i'm trying to get into school, and trying to control my emotions, and I feel like i'm stuck. I'm stuck waiting for my OH, or waiting for gets quite frustrating when you're waiting for your life to fall into place so that you can plan and organize your future. I can't even set a TTC date...i'm just wondering if any of you ladies have felt that way? and if you have, how did you deal with? what were the best way to keep your mind off of it, keep yourself happy, and non emotional, cause lately i've felt it really hard to keep myself together.

Thanks for reading girls!!!

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That's exactly how I felt from the age of 24-27! I was still studying (I was so determined to get qualified before TTC - 7 years - argh!).

For me I made a huge life plan, haha, like a big list of things I wanted to get done, to the house, goals for work, pay off debt etc, oo and I also planned our wedding, keeping busy and focused on these things (things which would be beneficial to when i actually have a baby) really helped me! When the time comes TTC you will feel so proud of yourself xxx

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hi babycraze19, ive done the same as hollieq. i often got (and still do) very frustrated with knowing that i should wait and wanting to TTC now. im now in my final year of uni so ive set myself a few goals b4 i start to try and have gave myself a rough TTC date of the end of 2012 so i have an aim of when to complete my goals. mine are to move house, finish uni, save some money, go on at least one holiday with my OH and for us both to have stable jobs. i dont think that anything really stops you being broody but it does give you a bit of direction and focus which keeps your mind on these things and then you know your close to TTC each time a goal is completed.
hope this helps x

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I have to agree with the other girls. I don't think there's anything that will stop you being broody and make that feeling go away, but having other goals to work towards can really help with giving you something else to focus on and then before you know it all your goals will be achieved and it'll be time to start trying!


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i feel exactly the same chick, only difference is that im the older one by almost 5 years, so is hard cus i feel like im rushing my OH when he doesnt feel feel ready but my age and health is against me its very hard when u cant set a TTC date though

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I feel the same. Debts to pay off mainly, so trying to get sorted financially before I ttc. It's very frustrating!

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Thanks for the reply girls! It's nice to know that i'm not alone! I will definitely try some of the things you suggested!! Thanks again!!

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I guess I'm in limbo a little too. I already have 1 dd who is 14 months, but we have just bought a new house, and haven't actually sold our little house, so until it sells we can't really comit to a TTC date! I want it now, and said June/July I am prepared to wait until but no more! As the date is nearing, our house is still not sold, so I might have to put it off until ....... I don't know when!

I had to wait about 2 years to TTC my dd, and in that time, we paid off all our debts, and saved enough so I could have a full year off to be with our baby.

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