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So don't know what to think

On Thursday I got a call from my FIL telling me that his mother was dying and we needed to come. We drove three hours to see her. When we finally got into see her see just kept asking if we were pregnant again yet or if we would be soon. She really wanted us to have number two again really soon. Well she died Friday. I just keep thinking about her last wish to me. She wanted us to have another great grandchild soon. It makes it even harder for me to wait even longer. I want another baby now not in like five years and her dying wish pretty much was another baby. I just don't what I should do. I want to talk to DH about it but at the same time I'm afraid he won't like the idea and we will fight over it. What do you ladies think?

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i would talk to him! you obviously want another one and so did she!

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I really do not want this to come across wrong but I think it was harsh of her to put that pressure on the both of you. However if you want to try now then all you can do is talk it over with your DH. If you do talk to him I defiantly would not use that as an excuse for it or you may end up upsetting him and/or in an argument.

Good luck.

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Best help the conversation and mutual understanding.

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i would talk with ur OH, it sounds like it was her last wish and what a better way to remember her with new life x

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Don't feel under pressure. She was just seeing things as an outsider and isn't walking in your shoes. I don't mean to sound harsh but it's not right to put people under pressure like that. I don't know what your belief about the after life is but I believe that when people die and cross over they see things with new eyes and see things from all perspectives so she would now understand that maybe the time isn't right for you guys. Have a chat anyway with your other half to ease your mind. Just bring it up gently and tell him you don't want to argue about it, you just want to discuss how you're feeling.

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Just because someone says you should have a baby doesn't necessarily mean it's what you must do! You do have a long time to wait, but you must have your reasons for this. TTC becuase someone said they wanted you too, is in my opinion.....well a bit silly! I don't mean to come accross as nasty because I really am not, I just think there are obviously other things going on with you and your little family. If she said not to have anymore would you of listened? I doubt it!

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Like you said you want another baby now and if its what you want then definitely, if its suppose to happen then it will - or thats what I believe. She was passing away and perhaps looking from the 'lifes too short' point of view. Talk to your OH about it. And like odd_socks said, what better way to remember her than a new life. xx

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