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Old Feb 22nd, 2011, 10:25 AM   11
Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Hi and welcome!!

i dont think your too young at everyone one else has said, as long as you feel ready and feel its the right thing then i think its great.

im 21, OH is 23, and if i had it my way we would have tons of babies already!!! ive been broody for as long as i can remember!!
we are WTTC until i have a new we have no actual date which is a bit hard at times, but i think your doing a great thing by waiting and planning and having it all set out!!

good luck getting through the next 14 months!!

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Old Feb 22nd, 2011, 10:52 AM   12
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I'm sorry for your loss. Fingers crossed it wont take long for you to have one.
I'm 18 and OH is 20 in august, we'll be trying in May. I think there is no right time for a baby, if its meant to be its meant to be. Good luck xxx

Old Feb 22nd, 2011, 11:32 AM   13
Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Totally agree with the girls above, your not mad at all. Sorry for your loss must be really hard. I dont think u are too young at all, i know personally at ur age i wasnt ready for kids and i wasnt with the right person to start a family with. I dont think anyone can say yes its too young or no, its down to you and your OH

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Old Feb 22nd, 2011, 16:45 PM   14
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Hey hun!
Not too young at all! I was 19, OH was 21 when we decided to ttc, took us 8months due to the depo injection and its dreadful effects - never using it again. Anyway i had Harrison a month after my 21st birthday
Im sorry for your loss, i had a MC when i was 15 - total accidental pregnancy but it made me feel empty until i had Harrison

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Old Feb 22nd, 2011, 19:15 PM   15
emzy baby
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go for it x

hey i am 17 and seriously want a baby
dont you ever just get the feeling your meant to be a teen mum? xoxox
i say go for it xoxox

Old Feb 23rd, 2011, 07:03 AM   16
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Sorry for your loss

I don't think you're mad either. I'm 19 (20 in May) and my OH is 20 and we're WTT until we have some money saved up before trying too. We were kind of NTNP before about a week ago, but then we both realised we really want to own our own place first and go on holiday etc before TTC.

If you want a WTT buddy I'm your gal I know how bad the broodiness gets when it sets in and you cant get it out of your head, so I'm always here for a chat

Clo xxx

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Old Feb 23rd, 2011, 08:40 AM   17
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Welcome!! I'll start off by saying that I'm very sorry for your loss.

Next, I was only 19 when o/h and I conceived our first child, who was very planned. I was 20 when I gave birth. I am now 21, turning 22 in August and we are "on the fence" about WTT and TTC.

Usually, I would say that teenagers are too young to TTC, but in your case, much less like mine, I dont think its unreasonable at all. You two have obviously been through a lot together, there is obviously love there, and given your previous pregnancy/loss, you are both very mature. I say go for it. If you two are sure that you are ready, that you can handle the physical, mental, financial and emotional hardships that come with starting a family, then go for it!!

Here's to wishing you the best of luck and I hope that you stick around to keep us posted!!

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Old Feb 23rd, 2011, 15:48 PM   18
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Welcome I was 19 and DH was 22 when we got pregnant. We only met IRL 3/4 months before we started TTC (met online 3 years before, then I moved to the US from UK to be with him). Age has little to no reflection on how good a parent you are, but it's certainly nice to be as comfortable as you can (or near enough ) before introducing a baby into the mix

It's handy to set a list of goals while you are waiting, that way you can check things off in order of importance and make sure you are well prepared (as much as you personally want to be) before TTC. We are discussing TTC #2 but there are a few issues we want to get past before we feel comfortable enough to throw away the condoms It's kind of frustrating, but better to get things out of the way now, instead of worrying about them while you are carrying bubba.

Good luck when you do TTC! xx

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Old Feb 23rd, 2011, 23:31 PM   19
Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Firstly I am so sorry for your loss. In my opinion I dont think your too young at all, im in the same boat and if some people I know IRL knew, theyd say i was crazy, but I know im not.
I consider myself to be financially and emotionally stable, all I need to sort out now is weight loss, and move out of my parents house, and the doctors go ahead. =) I'm hoping to start ttc in 2012, just like you!
Good luck on your wtt and ttc journey.
PM Me if you wanna chat

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Old Feb 24th, 2011, 05:09 AM   20
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sorry for your loss.

im 19 and OH is 24, we have a 3 month old daughter and are trying again in november

we have a good income and our own home which helps though, so id say as long as youre in a good place money wise and have a stable home then there is no right or wrong time to have a baby. im a SAHM and i love it. you do loose contact with friends though so it can be lonely, but its the most rewarding thing ever.

good luck TTC, and have lots of fun lol!


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