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New here! Any younguns WTT?

Hello just joined this forum!

I'm 18, will be 19 in May. OH is 19, will be 20 in October.
Me and OH are planning to start trying not for a while yet, May 2012 once I've turned 20 (he will be 21 by due date if all goes to plan)

We had an unplanned (but very much wanted) pregnancy late last year whilst on the pill and unfortunatley miscarried before announcing. Ever since we have felt such a feeling of emptiness
We both are desperate to start trying now although we decided to start saving some more money and settle ourselves a little more.

What do you think of this? do you think we are too young?
Would love to hear any advice
especially tips on how to get through the next 14 months waiting!
Thank you for reading

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Hiya and welcome to wtt!

Firstly I definitely don't think you're mad at all! Once the longing for a baby sets in it's so tough to ignore.

You sound very mature and seem to know what you want which I think is great. I think age is irrelevant as long as you are stable enough financially to provide the things a baby will need, provide a roof over it's head and a stable environment to bring up a baby in. So if you and your oh feel ready emotionally and can provide then why not!

For me personally I wasn't ready at your age and wanted to be married, own my own home etc, but that's just me. I'm glad I waited til I did as I feel I've done all the things I want to do in my life (big holidays, partying and just enjoying my husband and I having time together). But I know many people who were ready many years before me and they're loving parenthood!

Good luck!


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Hi, firstly sorry for your loss. I dont think you are mad. Im 20 and already have two kids with my oh,we are waiting to try due to feeling to young. But if you can finacilay,mentaly and phycialy cope with a child then go for it. Only you know whats right. Good luck for the future.x

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I dont think you are too young. I am going to barely be 20 next month. And I am not even married. My bf and I plan on it, already have plans made, but he has some things he wants to do before that. I can understand wanting to wait as well, for a lot of reasons. Its really whatever you guys think is best for you right now Good luck!

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hiya, im sorry for your loss. im 20 and hopefully going to start TTC when im 22, got a little checklist of things i need to do first, main one being to finish uni...i def dont think your too young, if you are able to provide everything a child needs and feel ready then go for it.

i think you are sensible, knowing that there are a few things that you and your OH want to get done for TTC, although ive always wanted a family im glad i waited the few years that i did cause i spent time having fun and just enjoying life, now im nearly finished uni, once i have a stable job and move house i think ill have everything in place.

it really is down to how you for how to get through the waiting, ive done my checklist, some of which ive already mentioned...i know this helps to focus me when i feel really broody and keeps me on track to achieve them all for my oct 2012 TTC date. i think alot of girls on here have found this really helpful. even the smallest of goals can help to take you mind of things a bit


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I don't think you're mad, we started trying when I was 18 and OH was 24! I'm 21 in May and we hope to start TTC again in December/ January xxx

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Sorry for your loss

I don't think you're mad at all! I've been broody since I was 16! I'm now 20 (21 this year) and am waiting on DF. Our wedding is provisionally booked for next year and I don't finish Uni for another two years... If he said we could, I'd do it in a flash.

If you are both loving the idea of being parents now, I would say don't set a date, but set goals such as save , decorate house etc. Little things like that that would mean you could TTC. Are you living together? xx

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I think it's great you're planning for a baby, not too young at all! I'm 20 myself so would be a bit hypocritical to say you're too young! Beware though you will get stereotyped as a teen mom just for looking young, and it gets a bit annoying.

I'm also waiting to try, although my wait is a bit longer than yours, 9-10 years!

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I agree with everyone your not too young if your ready then go for it
i had a misscarriage at 15 (thats too young wasnt planned and i didnt even know till i was rushed to hospital) .. but then i got pregnant at 17 had him at 18 and now im 19, 20 in december WTT for another in July and OH is 22 in July

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Hi, I know exactly how you feel about the longing for a baby after a miscarriage. We had an unplanned pregnancy at the end of 2009, and we lost at 7-8weeks. We were so excited, and devestated that we lost our little baby. As a result I got depression and nothing would help apart from having another baby. That feeling is so strong, and the depression didnt help.

But, I think you are very sensible for having plans to save up, and if you can wait until youve done this, then do it. I turned 21 a month before I had our daughter, so no I dont think your too young, you seem like me, very mature for your age.

I would love to try for another now, but we are getting married in September this year, and want to start saving up for a mortgage. So we to are waiting.

I hope it all goes to plan for you.

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