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Hello! I'm new here. I need some advice

I just have a quick question. I have really irregular cycles. I think I had my AF on Monday. (I was supposed to pick up an ovulation kit but got super swamped today)It only lasted three-four days, and was brown and mostly light. My fiance and I DTD last night. Also, I've been off bc for only about a week and a half.
How likely is it to conceive a week after AF? Especially just after coming off bc?
Also, I've been experiencing very bad nausea/headaches/fatigue/frequent peeing for about 2 weeks now (a week before that I completely lost my appetite). On Sat. the dr did a POAS test but it was negative. They gave me some meds to help the nausea but so far I still have it.

Could I already be pregnant and my HGC levels are just too low right now? If they were low, I wouldn't be having symptoms right?

I'm new to this so I'm not sure if it's normal to get BFN 2 or 3 weeks in. Or if it's too early for symptoms like the ones I have.

I need to find a new OB but we just moved and I'm having a difficult time finding one I like :/

Anything helps! Thanks!

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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First welcome to bnb Secondly i would say that its unlikely to concieve that soon after finishing BC (but everybody is different of course) The symptoms you are having could purely be a side effect of coming off the BC, that would also explain why you havent had a "normal" AF. I think it would be too soon to show a BFP at this stage but if your really worried i would go back to the doctors. Hope that helps

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