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Old Feb 27th, 2011, 16:24 PM   41
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While I have never given birth, I do have an issue with anxiety so I know where you are coming from. What helps me is to think about how every one of my foremothers did it successfully (as well as aunts, cousins, friends, etc.) So why do I think that I wouldn't be able to? It's just being confident in your ability. Also just remember that on TV shows, even reality shows, they are edited for drama. What you see in an hour long show happens over several days. You'll be great!

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before i had maisie i was so scared to give birth, but somehow when your going through labour the fear doesnt seem so bad you just concentrate on coping through the pain and the minute they lay your baby on your chest and you see there little eyes staring at you, you totally forget about the pain and the labour and id go through it again right now to get my baby! will honestly be the best experience of your life! x x

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i had a lovely labour!!

on off period pains from the tues night combined with losing my plug. Then my show at 11am ish on sat morning contractions got stronger, longer and closer together during the day and i put my tens machine on. I went to hospital at 10.30pm and was 4cm and stretchy (despte the mw originally telling me my contractions were weak!) i was examined again at 2am and was 7cm and started on the gas and air. At 7am ish there was a shift change i was fully dilated and had my waters broken as they were bulging and my baby was born at 8.34am.

Everyone reacts differently remember to breathe it really does help, stay mobile and eat and drink to keep your energy up. The worst part of my labour was being force fed a manky hospital ham sandwich!!

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Old Mar 1st, 2011, 14:27 PM   44
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Hi hun, dont let it scare you - the bits you see on OBEM and other shows alike are the worst edited bits - I had a short but very intense birth with my first - only 2 hours in labour but hurt like hell (although I had no pain relief so couldnt have been that bad!) and my 2nd birth was a little longer(6 hours) but no so intense and didnt really hurt that much. But to be honest none of them hurt as much as I thought it would.

I had natural births with both of them, not even gas and air and I thought it was amazing and I cant wait to do it again, hopefully at home next time. I wouldnt get too scared and anxious as it really is wonderful and I found labour very much like bad period pains. nothing more.

It is a wonderful experience and I am sure once it happens and you have your lovely child in your arms you will wonder why your were worried. I agree that you definately get on better if you are relaxed so maybe research some relaxing therapies that you could use during labour eg oils, scents etc.

hope your mind eases hun. x

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22H 20min of labour. From first contraction 8 mins apart.
I knew from my first contraction something felt different. It was not the pain I was expecting. Exactly 16 hours later at 9cm when my waters broke and it had meconium in it that I was checked out by the consultant, she confirmed my thoughts that the baby was stuck. I was then given an epidural (got to hosp at 7cm no pain relief) (I was gutted I had one but the pain was very bad at this point as the staff had me pushing the baby when she was just hitting my pelvis.

For the first 14 hours of labour I had the biggest smile on my face as my baby was coming in to the world after 8 months 4 weeks and 6 days of growing inside me I was going to meet her. I did not know what I was having so the excitment over took the fear.

THe final fews hours were tough (excluding the 4 for the epidural to wear off) but they managed to turn her and after 19 mins of pushing she entered the world and the pain just disapeared.

So much so I could do it again and again and again.

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I'm very needle phobic. I often go dizzy and faint at blood tests and have to lie down or put my head between my legs!! But I had an epidural. And it was fine. I was in a lot of pain prob cos I was induced. I couldn't really think straight (I also had some complications and BP issues). I knew an epidural might bring my BP down, plus at 3cm dilated I was in a lot of pain. I didn't feel the needle go in. It took the pain away. They let it wear off a bit, but not so I felt pain just a bearing down urge, near to fully dilated. So when it was time to push baby was quite far down the birth canal. Then when I pushed it only took 15 mins. So I totally rate epidurals and I'd have another in a flash if I wasn't coping well at 3cm.

In my antenatal classes they said if it's unbearable at 3cm consider an epidural as you have a long way to go. If you're, say, 8cm, you might well make it without.

With the epidural I had to have a cathetar and IV canula. Again I was so out of it from contraction pain I didn't massively notice. The IV wasn't nice, I remember complaining, but it's pretty hazy. As I was lying on the bed anyway it didn't matter if I fainted or not, which kind of made me less likely to feel faint. It wasn't like I could run away if I wanted to!!!

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My trick, Not to think about it at all if possible, I didnt even contemplate giving birth when i was pregnant! It just happened, I wasnt nervous etc.
my labour was 5 hours, I had an epi because of my blood pressure, But it didnt work, My labour was back to back (supposidly the worst ) and it really was not that bad. And when people say you forgeet as soon as you are handed your baby, Its soooooo true.

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Old Mar 2nd, 2011, 17:05 PM   48
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I have extremely painful periods so I think I might be able to handle the contractions. The part that scares me is tearing and needing stitches. I'm hoping to have a water birth to help with the pain, and I read that it can prevent tearing.

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Old Mar 3rd, 2011, 05:47 AM   49
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I love one born every minute but recently was lucky enough to be at a family members birth and can honestly say nothing like watching it on tv and didnt put me off one bit! If anything it has made me want children even more. I guess it really isnt the most pleasant thing us ladies have to do pain wise but wow totally worth it :-)

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