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I've read a few birth stories and people have mentioned being shaved even for a CSection. Why would they shave you especially before a c section? Anyone know?


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They shaved me for my section, just along the.. erm.. top part.. not all over

I think it's just so the hair don't get all caught up in the incision or something

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i got shaved for my c section, i actually did shave but they wanted it shaved right down, think its so no hair gets into the open wound.

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My scar is right in my bikini line although i did shave before hand they still took a bit more off, i guess they need a clean area to make to incision and hair would just get it the way and possible inside the wound and cause problems.

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Like the others said they cut across the bikini line. They are a lot more rough than you would be too so it is better to get DH to do it. My husband would not but I could not even see down there!

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