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Need WTT advice please.......

Ok, well this is my first post so please be patient with me! My husband and I have tried to conceive for a couple of months without success, but now are wanting to wait as we have just booked a holiday, flying in late September/early October. I'm desperate to try again, but I'm not sure when to try - April or May - so that I can still travel safely. We're going 1st class so moving around won't be a problem, but if anyone can offer assistance I'd be so very grateful.
I look forward to hearing from anybody who can help me please.
Thank you in anticipation x

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i guess it depends on your cycles as to weather april or may would be better? such as if your fertile late april compared to early april.
im not really much help though sorry! x
p.s i have a friend who is travelling just a month after the baby is born! so i guess the regulations arent aways as strict as they seem.

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As for when to try there's no harm in you trying in April. You dont know how long it'll take you to fall pregnant anyway but if you were to fall pregnant right away then you'd still only be 5 months pregnant which is safe to fly. My midwife advised me to not fly in the first or third trimesters unless I need to. The first trimester carries a slight risk of miscarrying, the third a risk of going into premature labour. The second trimester (months 4,5 and 6) is when theoretically you're at your best and healthiest during pregnancy. Obviously if it took you a few months to fall pregnant you could potentially only be 2 or 3 months pregnant. But you are allowed to fly, it's just whether you're happy to.

Good luck!

If you decide to try in May I'll be joining you in ttc!