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Well, just a quick update.....I don't think our chances of a are good this month. Not that I really expected it of course, I'm not that lucky, but my body seems to have conspired against me.

Usually I have very clear signs of ovulation, EWCM and even abdominal pains. But this month, nothing! So I'm not even sure if I've ovulated or, if I have, when. And we didn't get to do as much as we would have liked. I was out for a friends birthday on Friday night and was exhaused when I got home, I was out and about busy all day Saturday and DH went out on Saturday night. So we only got to do it twice in the end. Wednesday night and Thursday night. I estimated my ovulation to be Saturday/Sunday.

I'm still keeping everything crossed but not really expecting anything. So May is our next shot and I'm clearing the diary!

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