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I honestly wouldn't even be tempted to skip a pill. That's just so incredibly deceitful and awful I don't think I'd even think of it. I'm not on the pill though.

I think if I knew anyone that stopped taking it behind their partner's back, I would probably stop being friends with them. It's just so slimy and low.

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Originally Posted by MummytoSummer View Post
If my oh wasn't the one desperate to ttc and I was still on bc I'd def be tempted but like you guys I just couldn't do it. It's so important to me that when we're pregnant it's because both of us want it.

I know someone that openly admitted to all her friends she'd secretly stoppedtaking the pill to fall pregnant (she'd only been with this guy 6 months). She was almost bragging about it. Everyone told her how selfish she was being as she'd not once discussed it with her boyfriend, he was due to go to America with his work and she knew that. Anyway one of the people she was bragging to told her oh what she'd been saying and he confronted her. She admitted it and a few weeks later she found out she was pregnant. He was absolutely devastated. Needless to say they broke up and he went to America as planned. She's had the baby and he supports her financially and sends things for the baby all the time but all she does is badmouth him to anyone who'll listen about how he's a rubbish dad and doesn't deserve the title so she calls him the donor. It's so sad cos he's a lovely guy, he just didn't want kids.

I don't think there are many girls who would be prepared to do what she did though!

Sounds to me like a donor is all she wanted! Maybe she should have gone to the sperm bank instead

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Originally Posted by anniepie View Post
I wouldn't do it, as I wouldn't want to betray the trust of my OH, but every morning I get up, shower, go back to my bedroom, open the drawer of my chest of drawers and think how easy it would be to just stop taking my BCP...
I think if I were taking the pill I would feel like that all the time!! I had to get the arm implant just to keep myself from changing my mind everyday! If I was on the pill and I did stop taking it and got pregnant I don't think my OH would mind at all, he's desperate for a little boy!

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Glad to hear I'm not the only one! But as I said, I wouldn't do it!

Mummytosummer- I can't believe your story (I can!)- that poor poor guy- some people are just unbelievable. It's one thing doing that when you're with someone long-term, and you've both openly discussed that you want kids etc etc (though still not saying it's right!!), but to be in the situation where the guy doesn't even want kids....and THEN to go and bad mouth him to people...I'm sorry, but what a complete b****!!!

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