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How do you know when youre ready for #2?

anyone? xx

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im not sure i can be much help as im still waiting for #1. but im not sure that you can ever be truly ready! even though im desperate to TTC #1 theres still a lot of things i worry about which i can imagine is similar with TTC a second or third.
i hope that makes sense

i suppose im trying to say that its really hard to figure out when the right time is or when your ready...i think if your stable in your home/job/finances ect and you are capable of managing baby #2 then your ready but it doesnt stop a lot of worries that crop up or how you feel emotionally about having another child. i think i better stop rambling as i dont think im making a lot of sense. hope this helps xx

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I often wonder the same thing! My lo is nearly 8 months old and we'll be trying for our second when she's 10 months old in May. We always knew we wanted a close age gap so that date kind of suits us. But as it gets closer I wonder how I'd cope with 2 babies. I'm lucky in that Summer is such an easy baby to look after, sleeping through etc although I know I probably won't be lucky enough to get the same second time around. Most of my friends have 2 or more babies so I'm always asking them how they knew and how they coped. They generally tell me that you'll never be ready really. It's as scary as it is first time, the fear of the unknown. But just like the first time you just adapt to it! They also generally say that a second baby costs much less than the first.

I know for sure I'll be scared when I fall pregnant again but I know that I'll cope, it'll be really hard but I know I will.

Good luck!

Have you got a date in mind when you'd like to ttc?


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My LO is 3 months old and im already looking forward to trying to get pregnant again! As i ended up with an emergancy C-sec with my LO i'm meant to wait 2 years according to the hospital before trying for another but my GP says its ok to try after a year so come november we'll be trying for number 2!! i cant believe im even saying that as i had SUCH an awful first pregnancy and was really very ill and ended up hating being pregnant and yet now she's here i rather miss being pregnant!!! CRAZINESS!!!! but i think its kinda true that you almost have to bite the bullet and go for it as i dont think ur ever really ready, just enjoy the ride when u have 2 bambinos to run round after!

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It took 5 years for me to be ready but we weren't trying then either lol. When I got my first positive I felt so happy though. So I guess I was ready when I got a positive test lol. I wouldn't ever take it back. I'm going for number 3 in a few months they will be 2 or more years apart. I've been reading closer is better! Good luck!

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There's a gap or 3.5 yrs between me & my bro, and we're not close. there's a gap of 4 years & 7 years between dh and his sisters, but his little brother is only 2.5 yrs younger than his little sister and they're really good friends! I'm going for around 2.5 yrs too. I think as well, by the time I return to work, dd will be in nursery 15 hrs per week, so I won't need to rely on grandparents to look after 2 little ones all day! 1 little one all day, and the other for a couple of hours after. I'm hoping it works out that way anyway!

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I am a full believer in the fact that age gaps mean absolutely nothing. It's all in how the kids are raised and individual personalities. My brother and I are 4 years apart and we are still very close. He taught me so many things as a kid. He was teaching me math problems while I was still in kindergarden!

So for us, we have to work our TTC around DH's job in the navy. I'm not WTT by choice. More because I have no husband here to impregnate me. Although I've been thinking the fed ex man might make a good father. I truly think you'll just know when you are ready to add to your family. When part of you doesn't feel complete IYKWIM.

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It is probably one of those things that every one has a different idea about so I can only give my opinion.

  • You can afford a second.
  • You have room for a second.
  • You have time for a second/can afford childcare if needed.
  • Both you and your partner want a second.

  • You just know you want another baby now!

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Good question, I'm trying to figure out the same thing. I always thought we'd wait until Simon was 9-12 months before trying, but I'm doubting this plan. It's only now that I'm starting to get some of those tiny freedoms back (like more than 3 hours sleep!) that I'm wondering whether I'd miss out on Simon's "babyhood" if I were to have another that soon. On the other hand, I've always wanted my babies to be close in age, we know that we want at least three and my DH wants to be done within the next 4 or 5 years, so we don't have a lot of time to wait. I guess I'll know I'm ready when I start to romanticize those sleepless nights with a newborn again. Right now, it's still too fresh

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My baby girl Alva is only 3 months old and I want to try for another one soon, when she's 11 months or so.I thought I'd want about three years age gap but now I just feel the time is right for us,we had good support around us and jobs etc so rather do it now,plus it's nice for the kids to be close in age.

I guess you'll know because it will feel right for you in head and heart

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