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FINALLY convinced DH to try for #2 after 5 years, now I am the one who has cold feet!

So, after 2 years of trying to convince my husband that we should have baby #2, I finally got a "maybe" instead of the usual "not in a million years" response. Now that we talked it through and agreed to try for another in a couple of months, I am freaking out about it. To make a long story short, I had a VERY complicated pregnancy, even worse delivery in which I almost died, and then had a severly sick newborn with multiple medical problems who is STILL very high maintenance. Having my son (whom I love more than ANYTHING) put a lot of strain on our marriage and was a very traumatizing thing for us. As new parents, we weren't expecting doctor's visits every week, hospitalizations, NEVER sleeping for an entire year, etc.. so when I started to get an itch for baby #2, my DH said absolutely not and didn't think he could handle it. But then my son kept begging us for a brother or sister and when we got married we really had no intention of having an only child, but for a long time life was barely manageable with one, especially one with special needs. Now that he is finally on board with trying for another one, I think the reality of it kicked in and now I am scared as hell. Now I'M not sure I can handle it and am worried that we are making a mistake. Anyways, just wanted to vent, and this is a good place for that I hope! If we do decide to go forward with it, I would like to get pregnant in July and deliver in April. We'll have to see how it goes. Thanks for listening!

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Its hard I have a good friend who has a special needs child. She had gotten pregnant with him 2nd 6 months after having a her first one. She says she wouldn't change it for the world and she does find with it for the most part. Good luck dear!

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Don't be to scared. Remember every pregnancy is different. Your next might be a peace of cake. Congrads though

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