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i want it all
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How is everyone?

How is everyone feeling today?

I'm so pleased it's Friday! My dd had me up at 4.55 this morning, and then I had to go and do a full day at work, so I'm knackered! I desperately need to sell my house, so we can TTC, but it's been on the market for 2 months, and we have had no interest whatsoever! Yet! It's so frustrating, because I can't have a TTC date, because my money is tied up on a little house that I hate and don't want but can't sell! My new house is gathering dust, because we have very little money left over to do the work required!


PS - my stoopid husband talked me into buying the new house, before selling our little house cos he said it would sell no bother! He gets his way, yet I am the one who has to wait for a baby! Seems a tad unfair to me!

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Sorry for your troubles. I don't know how things are where you are but my parents live in Ireland and they were saying the housing market is gone to the dogs at the moment. Hope it sells for you soon.

I'm not too bad this evening. Bit down because my sister had to put her dog down and I knew the dog very well. She had cancer and they had been having her treated with months now but today her legs gave out and she could only lie there. Rest in piece little Bella.

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aww it sounds like we are all having a bit of a **** day. i just feel terrible, im not to sure why either, i think its just the stress of uni thats starting to get me down. i feel super broody though which i know isnt helping, tried the 'talk' with OH last night and got told.... 'just wait it will happen when we are ready'....whose 'we'...i am ready argh.

dont get me wrong i know its not the perfect time, but i know i could get all my goals done a lot sooner if i wasnt waiting for him to be ready!!

sorry gone off on a bit of a rant there xx

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My day has been pretty crappy. Our phone bill is really high and we don't know why and our new truck isn't working, we've only had it for two months

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