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I have a feeling it will all come when i will be trying to put off have a little break but when it happens itll happen it can't be too bad i just worry about christmas i don't want to be due right near incase i actually am in labour and spoil it for mason last thing i want! i wanted ideally to be due september that would of been perfect but were abit late! but hopefully if it happens fast then it will be fine if not i guess we will wait abit to avoid masons birthday lol!

Hes growing up too fast hes running around all the time now like a crazy person just want him to say some propr words now but nothing barely yet! lol but he is only 13 month awh Daisy will be up and on the go in no time mason got the hang of it quick wobbly at first but its so weird going from that to so stable! xx

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for NTNP :-)

Exciting stuff!! if you conceive in the next month you due date will be beginning of Dec, then maybe skip 2 months and you then be due feb/march time.

We are timing our next to hopefully be due june/july/aug ish of next year!!

And wow... look at Mason!!! Hes grown up so quickly, looks like a proper little toddler!!!


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