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i'm meant to be excited..

so i just found out im going to be an auntie for the first time. my older bro, and his girlfriend are expecting. she's 12 weeks along.
i can't help but feel sad though. i know im meant to feel excited! but i feel gloomy. anyone else had this?
on another note my best friend is also pregnant and now 21 weeks along, and im so happy for her. i cant wait for her to have her baby!
so why dont i feel the same about my own bro!!

his gf is younger than me, and although theyve been together for almost 2 years theyve both said they would never have kids. my bro is they type that says he doesnt want marraige or kids yada yada. they had a dog, i thought that was them sorted!!

im also worried a little cos know that they used to smoke drugs ect alot, and i dont know if she stopped... not sure how or if i should bring it up though.

i do help all goes well though. sorry for my rant! i dont want to tell anyone else and i cant talk to my rents about this!

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I think it's natural to feel somewhat jealous especially when it's close family members. They get all the attention for the next few months and it's only natural to feel a little bit like you're feeling. I felt the same when my sister was pregnant.
Regarding the drugs I really hope she has given all that up. It's a very hard thing to bring up though. I have no good advice on how to approach that one. Maybe ask your brother depending on the relationship you have with him it might be easier to ask him.

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i agree with Aprilshowers...its only natural, especially when your broody yourself.
it might stem from them saying they never wanted children...that always gets to me, cause i think to myself 'you dont want children yet you can have them, while i have to wait'
if that makes

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I felt he same when my close friend announced her accidental pregnancy, I actually cried into my OHs arms all night... That was seven months ago now and now I have met her little boy all those jealous feelings have faded away because he is a little treasure and i love him so much! hes a little cutie!
As soon as you meet your little niece or nephew you will be fine and you will ALSO be that step closer to having one of your own

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thanks guys, you have made me feel a bit better!
i guess i was a bit sad too because none of my cousins on my dads side have had kids yet, and i kinda always felt i would be the first!! but my bro has beaten me to it! ah well.
i do look forward to meeting the little one..