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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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what happens if...

So we have decided to wait a little longer. Found out my fiance is losing his job and really really glad we didn't have a little surprise since we weren't really preventing. lol. Here's my thought... I was reading the info on my birth control for S&G's and it says that if you miss a pill take it asap and then take the next one at the regular time. If you miss 2 pills take two the day you remember and 2 the next day. Well what if you keep missing one and have to keep doubling up? I find so many random what if's when I read these information packets. Say like you missed one 3 times in a week. Does that mean you should throw out your pack because technically you missed 3 that week? or are you fine since it was only one missed pill at a time? I probably sound really stupid but oh how my mind wanders lol

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